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MFMR gets tough on absenteeism

Staff of the Ministry of Fisheries are being reminded to turn up for work by the Human Resource Manager Mr Tom Rarakani following incidence of staff missing work without any good reason.

In an email circulated to all staff, this week, he urged staff to demonstrate high work attendance culture in serving the Government and people of Solomon Islands.

“As duly instructed, I wish to remind all  staff that if you miss work without getting prior permission from the permanent secretary it will be recorded as incident one,” he said. 

Mr Rarakani stressed that the practice has been obvious and the management wants to discourage and put a stop to it.

“As public servants serving the Government and people of Solomon IsIands, we are required to demonstrate high work attendance culture in the Ministry as stipulated under General Orders Chapter 202(1) which states “no officer shall absence him/her without approval and further complemented in the Code of Conduct he said.

Mr Rarakani pointed out that it is important that we attend to work and must also be punctual.

“Any absence must be reported and appropriately recorded,” he added.

For any staff to be absent from work, he or she must first seek permission from the Heads of Divisions or  Supervisors and get approval from the Permanent Secretary for whatever leave request under the Attendance Management Policy.  

Mr. Rarakani said approval must be granted by the Permanent Secretary first before an officer is can take the leave.  

He urges HODs and Supervisors to monitor, record and report all types of absence within their respective divisions.   

“HR team is always happy to working closely with all staff to ensure attendance management is effectively implemented,” he said.