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MFMR staff gets early xmas party

Staff of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources their spouses and Management had an early Christmas party on Thursday last week at the Iron Bottom Sound Monarch Bar and Grill.

The MFMR management decided to throw an early christmas party because of the movement of staff some of whom will take an early christmas break.  

Funds for the Christmas Party was raised through fortnightly fundraisings by staff with some support from the industries. 

Speaking on the occassion, Fisheries Minister Hon Nestor Ghiro thanked the Xmas 2019 Fundraising Committee and staff who worked tirelessly during the year to raise funds to ensure there was a christmas party.

He said attending the function was special for him because it was the second one he attended since he became the minister of Fisheries. 

"It is special because it marks my engagement as the minister of Fisheries," he added.

Hon Ghiro pointed out that the hosting of the parties (one for the children at Hammock beach) and the main staff party were made possible through hardwork and dedication by both the organising committee and staff of the ministry.

The Minister also used the occasion to thank various divisions within the Ministry for their achievement during the year. He acknowledged the successes of the Offshore Division in particular; the Compliance, Licensing, Statistics and Electronic Monitoring.

He said the 100% strengthening of Port Inspection and Monitoring of Fishing Vessels contributed to this successes.

The Minister also praised the Licensing division for raising more than $3million in 2019 which are paid into the govenment Coffers. 

Another section the Minister also praised was the Statistics Division for timely provision of data to WCPFC and other regional and international organisations.

The Fisheries Minister also 

He stressed that Port Inspection and monitoring of fishing vessels has improved markedly this year and he attributed this to the vibrant team who works under this section. 

"To the licensing