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The objective of the Pacific Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP) is to strengthen the shared management of selected Pacific Island oceanic and coastal fisheries, and the critical habitats upon which they depend.  There are three components to PROP Solomon Islands.

Component 1. Sustainable Management of Oceanic Fisheries - Carrying out a program of activities aimed at strengthening the management of the Pacific region’s purse seine and long-line tuna fisheries including; 

(a)  Design, construction and equipping of a fisheries enforcement center at Noro;

(b)  development of an electronic monitoring system to monitor fish catch by long line vessels, including design, supply and installation of equipment in long line vessels; training in the usage of the equipment; and related advisory services; and

(c)  Strengthening of the Recipient’s compliance officer and observer training programs, through the provision of technical assistance, including training, and goods required for the purpose.

Component 2. Sustainable Management of Coastal Fisheries –

(a) Carrying out a program of activities designed to support the Recipient to sustainably manage defined coastal fisheries, such program to include:

  • implementation of a nationwide frame survey to develop a baseline study of the coastal fisheries;
  • carrying out of assessments of coastal fisheries resources and environmental risk assessments of coastal fisheries; and
  • Development and implementation of management plans for key fisheries species, and provision of technical assistance to: (i) review coastal fisheries regulations and assist government to develop and implement fisheries ordinances in line with the Fisheries Management Act; and (ii) monitor said management plans.

(b)  Carrying out a program of activities designed to support the linkage of coastal fish products to regional markets, such program to include identification of key domestic fisheries development projects with linkages to regional markets and review of current trade practices.

Component 3. National Program Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Carrying out a program of activities designed to strengthen MFMR’s capacity for Project management and implementation, including for financial and procurement management, monitoring and evaluation and safeguards oversight.


Some of the Projects that falls under component 1 for MFMR

  • Noro Monitoring Control and Surveillance Centre
  • Installation of E Monitoring System on Long Line fishing vessels
  • Refurbishment of the Observer office
  • Provision of goods to the offshore Team: Compliance, Observer, License and Statistics
  • Development of Offshore Policies
  • Capacity Building Initiatives (external training and in house training opportunities)
  • Operational Expenses


Projects funded under the Component 2 for MFMR

  • Development of Fisheries Regulations and Policies: Provincial Fisheries ordinances & Management plans for Clams and Corals
  • Deployment of Fishing Aggregate Devices in five provinces
  • Surveys of invertebrates– corals, clams & trochus in 8/9 provinces
  • Frame Surveys in 6 provinces
  • Provision of goods: seaweed materials, research equipment, other resources
  • Community Fisheries Management plans
  • Operational Expenses


Activities under Component 3

  • Audits of Financial Statements for each financial year
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of the Program
  • Safeguards
  • Reviews and Evaluations of PROP
  • Project Management Unit costs



PROP ESMF 2020/2021