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Friday, 30 November 2001 10:39

SPC's Dr Andrew Hunt conducts workshop on data analysis

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A three-day workshop conducted by Dr Andrew Hunt of the Oceanic Fisheries Programme ( OFP) from SPC for staff of the offshore Division has taught participants with the basic knowledge on how to analyse Tuna data from the TUFMAN 2 Tuna database Management information System.

The workshop was conducted between november 5 and 7 last year. The participants are from the Statistics and Information, Licencing, Monitoring Compliance Surveillance (MCS), Observers and Electronic Reporting Monitoring (ERM) sections. A total of 21 officers attended the training and found it very useful now they realised that sharing of data with Statistics is important to produce and provide Fisheries statistics for National, Regional and International obligations. The Statistics team use Microsoft application (Excel) to analyse data extracted from the Tuna Database Management information System to generate reports. The goal of the training was achieved. 1.Understanding and sharing of data with units of the division. 2.Use of Excel to analyse data from TUFMAN2. 3.Generating and producing of relevant reports

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Francis Pituvaka

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