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Friday, 30 November 2001 10:39

Transhipment resumes in Honiara Featured

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Honiara harbour has seen an increase in the number of fishing boats calling into port for transshipment since December 2019. For almost two years, there were no boats seen at the harbour because much of the fishing activity occur in other parts of the region.

This is due largely to movement of current in the region. Tuna stock depend on planktons and the last couple of months things changed which resulted in Purse Seine boats coming back to Solomon Islands for fishing and also do transhipment. Plankton are the diverse collection of organisms that live in large bodies of water and are unable to swim against a current. The individual organisms constituting plankton are called plankters. They provide a crucial source of food to many small and large aquatic organisms, such as bivalves, fish and whales.

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Francis Pituvaka

Communication Officer for the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources since 2018.