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MFMR reviews its staff Job descriptions Featured

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The divisional heads at the workshop The divisional heads at the workshop

Honiara, 23rd April 2021:  Senior managers of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has taken a proactive approach to review their respective staff’s Job Descriptions (JDs).

This was initiated and led by the Corporate Services Division to ensure that all JDs are aligned with the DCGA Redirection Policy and the Ministry’s Corporate Plan (2020 – 2023) including the Ministry’s Annual Operation Plan.

Speaking during the occasion, Permanent Secretary, Dr. Christain Ramofafia told the divisional heads this process is important to ensure that the Ministry fulfils its services and mandated obligations.

“Job Descriptions (JDs) guide, provide clarity with regards to officers’ responsibilities and allow staff to perform to their best” he said.  Dr Ramofafia reminded his divisional heads that developing JDs to address the goals of the Ministry’s Corporate Plan and the Redirection Policy of the Government will allow MFMR to deliver effectively. 

Dr. Ramofafia also told the divisional heads that while JDs entail the roles and duties of each officer, they also serve as a tool for monitoring performance as well.

He said that all current JDs must be reviewed to take into consideration and align staff roles with the new DCGA redirection policy, the new Cooperate Plan and Annual Operational Plan whereby individual work plans are derived from.

Director of Fisheries Mr Edward Honiwala and his deputies when they break up for discussions at the MFMR Conference room.

This initiative is part of MFMR’s ongoing organisational reform and restructure to ensure that the Ministry delivers the national fisheries priorities outlined in the DCGA Redirection Policy. This process will also help the Ministry to identify major gaps should additional human resources be needed to fulfil its obligations.

With the theme “Review JDs for performance and compensation negotiations” the workshop provided opportunity for MFMR management to review the JDs to ensure that the Ministry’s JDs Bank is updated to align with recent changes.

The workshop also offered an avenue for the senior managers to review details of the Ministry’s Scheme of Service that is still being developed. 

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Francis Pituvaka

Communication Officer for the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources since 2018.