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The Provincial Fisheries supports provincial governments to develop fisheries business opportunities and to promote ecologically sustainable management of fisheries in provincial waters.

The division consists of the following sections;

1. Management and co-ordination

Provide support to the seconded officers to implement livelihood activities for the people in the rural communities. Moreover, it provides support to the international agencies like Japan’s Overseas Fishery Foundation (OFCF) and Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) in engineering support programmes for the provincial fisheries centres and the communities.

2. Engineering

Extension services through support for refrigeration issues, maintenance, repair and development of ice making and fish storage equipment’s for provincial fisheries centres and constituency fisheries centres.

3. Development

Provide Livelihood support programmes such as deployment of Fish Aggregating Devices FAD’S, provisions of Community Resources Based Management (CBRM) trainings and development of management plans for the communities.

4. Provincial Offices

Provide technical support and advice to Provincial governments on their specific areas of Fisheries development aspirations.