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The project management division leads the delivery of implementation of all national fisheries projects mandated by the Government or its partners. It consists of the following sections;

1. Project development

The project development section administers onshore investments in relation to tuna fishery and enhances opportunities for sustainable rural commercial enterprises such as constituency fisheries centres and new MFMR infrastructures in the provinces.

Up to date three important development programs are underway:


Tuna onshore Development

Development budget funding of this program is directed main for Bina Harbor Tuna processing plant project. Thus, most of the funds for this year 2020 has been spent mainly on activities relating to the project.  Bina Harbour Tuna Processing Plant Plant Project is currently located in West Kwaio, Malaita Province.

 Infrastructure supporting Livelihood.

This program is for institutional infrastructure developments supporting the ministry and staff, hence office facility to staff houses. Much of the budget for 2020 will be spend on the current two bedroom house building at Gizo, Western province and Kira Kira, Makira Ulawa Province. The infrastructure includes, fencing, constituency fisheries centers and the staff houses.

 Community Fisheries Livelihood.

The program is aimed at enhancing food security in the country in terms of fisheries. Much of the development budget under this program is directed towards setting up the Freshwater Fish (Tilapia) Hatchery,  Aruligo  West Guadalcanal and other livelihood projects such as seaweed, sea cucumber, Fish Aggregated Devices(FAD) and Community Based Resource Management(CBRM).


2. Project Administration

The administration section is responsible for the day to day functions of the division and ensures the smooth facilitation of the projects.