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The Policy and Planning division leads the planning and development of relevant policies that promote the ecologically sustainable management and development of our fisheries and aquatic resources and safeguard the regulatory functions of the Ministry.

The division consists of the following sections;


1. Management and Admin

Responsible for overseeing the functions of the division and the smooth facilitation of daily administrative tasks.


2. Policy

The Policy section is responsible for the coordination of work with other divisions to review existing legal and policy issues and to develop new policies, plans and strategies for the Ministry.


3. Business Planning

The business planning section is responsible for the development of the MFMR business plan and associated investment plans. It also provides economic advice to Management and Executive on fisheries related matters.


4. Legal Services

The Legal Services section provides legal advice for MFMR Management and Executive on all fisheries related matters. And ensuring that all MFMR documents are consistent with national and international laws and vetted by the Attorney General Chambers Office.