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 The research section is responsible for providing technical and scientific advice to the Solomon Islands Government on fisheries resources of the country, ensuring that they are properly managed and exploited at a sustainable level for the long term benefit of the country and its people.

It functions with the following specific tasks:

  1. Conduct resource assessments for key commercial species and baseline survey as required by the Solomon Islands Government (SIG), of any marine species of concerned in Solomon Islands archipelagic or coastal waters
  2. Conduct Resource Damage Assessments, when required by the Solomon Islands Government or ordinary citizens to verify that damage being done a specific location
  3. Liaise with regional institutions or organizations in respect to research activities being undertaken or programmed for Solomon Islands.
  4. Provide report to the Solomon Islands Government and the general public on the results of any or a specific research undertaken as required by the government

 The scientific and biological information provided to the Solomon Islands Government is based on the primary resource assessments, monitoring, and other related fisheries researches. It works in collaboration with other government agencies, regional partners and Non-governmental organization (NGOs) such as Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Management (MECDM), Pacific Community (SPC), South Pacific Regional Environmental Program (SPREP), University of the South Pacific (USP), Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), WorldFish Centre, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).