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This section is responsible to address both the local and overseas marketing and trade issues for inshore fisheries. Services provided under this section include the followings:

 1. Promotion and the development of trade and investments opportunities

 The following programs are in place within the Marketing division to achieve better investment opportunities. 

  • Training workshops, hands-on assistance programs and inter-organisational networking to improve quality of fisheries products to internationally accepted standards.
  • Develop better net working with other related organisations such as Ministry of Trade and Commerce, other local and overseas government and non-government organisation to develop better trading partners and Trade policies.
  • Develop an Information system and an effective link with other established local and overseas Fisheries Trade related websites for a better trade promotion and information system and to provide an update of international price and international market dynamics.

2. Facilitate and develop fisheries marketing systems

 This can be achieved through the following activities:

  • Facilitate better logistics to transfer fisheries products to market outlets.
  • Facilitate fish marketing activities at the fisheries centres and assist centres to operate sustainably.
  • Do regular Fish Market survey programs to get a better understanding of the harvest status of our inshore fisheries resources.

 3. Promote/Develop fisheries business activities

 The Marketing division plays an active role in getting fisheries related business to maturity through the following activities: 

  • Running of the workshop on Start Your Fisheries Business programs, to provide participants with Fisheries Financial Management skills.
  • Provide technical advisory role to Business operators on Quality handling for exports, Export inspection and certification, Food standards regulations, packaging, etc.