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The Corporate Services Division creates a professional MFMR to deliver high quality advice to SIG and services to the people of Solomon Islands.

The division consists of the following sections;


1. Finance and Accounts

Ensures that the ministry complies and act accordingly with the Financial Management Act 2013 provided by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT), Financial Instruction and Procurement Regulations. The accounts subsection is responsible for providing and implementing relevant and timely financial management including financial reports to the MFMR management. 


2. Human Resource

Provides quality human resource and administrative services to attract, develop, motivate and retain a diverse workforce within a supportive work environment. It also ensures that administrative functions are carried out effectively to facilitate a smooth work flow. 


 3. Administration

Seeks to develop a workplace culture that is supportive, safe and transparent, placing a strong emphasis on working together as a team and managing staff welfare. 


4. Professional

Provides professional support in areas dealing with procurement, economics, IT and knowledge management, internal auditing, communications and marketing (branding) to all divisions within MFMR should the need arise.