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The State of Public Emergency (SoPE) has been extended for 4 more months and will expire on the 24th of July 2021. With this extension, international vessels entering the country will have to abide to the following SoPE covid-19 requirments:

  • 14 days quarantine period upon entering Solomon Islands' 200m EEZ
  • During this period no contact should be established with the vessel until the quarantine period expires
  • Should a vessel found to violate this regulation, MFMR and responsible authorities will proceed to enforce necessary SoPE laws
  • For the safety of both our officers and the crews on any vessel, MFMR strongly encourages and uphold this regulation and will not hesitate to exercise them when violated

Seeking more information about this mandatory requirement, please contact us via our landline or send us a query by clicking here.

Due to Covid-19 you will experience a slight delay from time to time in our responses, but this is only temporary and we are constantly working on improving our services, and ensuring we operate at 100 percent capacity soon. We apologize for the inconvinience.

Please follow all necessary Covid-19 health measures and practices to help keep our country safe and free from Covid-19.

More on Covid-19:

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